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Temporary Services



Friedman Agency would be the employer of record for all temporary candidates.

What does this mean?

Friedman is responsible for liability in addition to; recruitment, selection, attendance, safety, EDD compliance and unemployment claims. You have no payroll, tax deposits, workers compensation, IRS reports, year end W2's or risk of unemployment claims.

Why would I use this service?

If you have a last minute emergency or an employee call in sick or someone going on vacation or maternity leave and needed to hire a short term employee that is skilled, tested and referenced checked. If you had regular employees working too much overtime and needed short term assistance to save money and allow you and your team operational flexibility. You can also reserve candidates for future dates.

How am I billed?

We pay the candidates weekly and bill you for their hourly rate and our small service fee combined. We send out an invoice to you each week and the candidates timesheets are signed by their supervisor so you have a copy for your records to go along with your bill.


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