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Looking for employment? WE’RE ON THE JOB!

Helpful Information

How can I arrange an interview with an agent?

Submit your resume to as a word document. If your experience meets our clients' criteria, we will contact you to come in for our interview process, which may include some software testing. We are not able to speak with all applicants. We cannot guarantee placements. We will contact you if we think we have an opening for you.


If I am chosen for an interview, what should I expect?

Agents typically spend 30 minutes with candidates. They will review your personality, career goals, job history, skills, strengths, education, and achievements. Testing and evaluation can take an additional hour. Agents will offer advice and let you know if there is a client that may be a match for you.


What do I need to bring with me?

Please bring one form of ID and one form of work authorization. Usually a driver’s license or a federal/state ID suffices as an ID. A social security card or birth certificate suffices as a form of work authorization. A US passport suffices as both. Resident aliens must provide a valid green card or visa.


We are located on 9000 W Sunset Boulevard, Suite 705, West Hollywood, CA 90069. The building is between Doheny and Hammond. There is metered parking on Sunset and free residential street parking south of Sunset on Hammond. Please beware of signs, such as street cleaning days. Our building offers parking as well, however we are unable to validate.


  • A full list of acceptable documents can be found on the 9th page of the PDF located here,

  • Please make sure your documents are up to date, we do not accept expired documentation.

  • If the proper documentation is not provided, we may reschedule or cancel your appointment.

  • Please also bring a copy of your resume and references. Please dress your best!



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